Dr. Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Mahmud Ul Alam (Retd) is a retired officer of Bangladesh Army. He was the Commissioned Officer of Army Education Corps and served for 30 years mostly as a teacher at Bangladesh Military Academy. He was also Principal of Foujdarhat Cadet College . He also worked as Staff Officer at Army Head Quarters, Division and Brigades. At present he is the
Controller of Examinations at Tagore University of Creative Arts since 2022. Dr. Lt Col Mahmud earned his Honours and Masters in Bangla Literature and Languages from Chittagong University. He also obtained PhD degree from Dhaka University in the year 1998 while he was in active service in Army. His research work is considered as pioneer in the arena of Bangla Literature. After retirement from Army he worked in various educational institutions as Principal / Founder Principal at home and abroad. He also worked as Controller of Examinations and Director of Students Affairs in a private university at Dhaka.

He has 14 number of publications so far which includes his PhD desertion “Bangla Kathasahitaye Juddhujiban: 1865-1947 (Reflection of Warfare in Bangla Novels and Short Stories)” followed by another pioneer research work “Jibanananda Daser Kobita ebong Mahajuddho”. Out of his all publications 10 are translation works from English includes Dairies of Franz Kafka, Letters of Kahlill Jibran, Eksho Japani Kobita : A translated book of poems of 100 Japani poets of different ages, Pnacsho Bochorer Ingreji Premer Kobita: An Anthology. Translation of classical English Love Poems from 16 th to 20 th Century, Eskimoder Kobita: An Anthology of Poems of Eskimos, Swapner Pakhibas: Collection of translated short stories on Liberation War of Vietnam, two novels of Paulo Coelho: The Spy and The Alchemist are notable.

He was the Chief Researcher and Chief Editor of the book published under Bangladesh Army named “Bangladesher Muktijudda: Chattagram Anchal” (History of Libaration War of Bangladesh: Chattagram Area). He attained “Ekushe Padak and Sommanona Patra” from Chattagram City Corporation in 2020 for his contribution in Bangla Literature through Literary Translation Works. He also earned few other alike. He participated in a seminar at Delhi, India in 2009. He also visited Oman and Kuwait for work
purpose and travelled Soudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Turkey and USA. He is the life member of various Research and other socio-cultural organizations like Bangla Academy, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Army Golf Club, Dhaka, Bhatiary Golf & Country Club, Ctg, Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA), Chittagong University Alumni Association (CUAA) and Retired Army Officers Welfare Association (RAOWA). He loves to play Golf.