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About Us

Tagore University of Creative Arts (TUCA) is a UGC approved private university of Bangladesh whose curriculum is based on the philosophy of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The University was established in 2016 by the National Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman who served as the founding president of the board of trustees.

The university give importance to study, research, and training in the field of creative arts in such a way that the students here develop their talents and become highly qualified for employment in various fields of this genre of art.

Background and Context

Tagore University of Creative Arts breaks the mold in Bangladesh’s education system. This new private university champions creative arts, fostering well-rounded individuals through a unique philosophy. Inspired by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s emphasis on social development and creative pursuits, RSKU integrates innovative teaching methods.

Tagore’s vision of life in social development, education, management, cultural practices, and various creative works is our path. In the field of formal education, various innovative methods have been added here, so that the teaching method is enjoyable and higher education is the vehicle for excellence. In the 21st century, the growth of art-related industries and trade in both national and global economies is enormous. Although the influence of fine arts, arts and crafts, ornamentation, and media in daily life is profound, it is still not getting due importance in our livelihood and professional practice. In this context, a specialized university named Tagore University of Creative Arts was established.


Mission of the University: Animated by Tagore’s vision towards education, TUCA would be made bloomed to be a full -fledged university to the height of universal acceptability in the field of creative arts.


Through nursing creativity the youth are to help grow self- confident, empowered and innovative prone so that by enhancing capability they could stand test of competitive edge in international arena.

Planning and Management

The founders of Tagore University of Creative Arts are the late National Professor Anisuzzaman, former University Grants Commission chairman Professor Nazrul Islam, and renowned artist Rezwan Chowdhury Banya. A 14-member Board of Trustees governs the university. Dr. Syed Muhammad Shahid, a retired professor of Dhaka University and former Director General of Bangla Academy, is the Vice-Chancellor of the university.